Chateau De Montifaud Vs

Chateau De Montifaud Vs

  • Classic destilad cognac goblet

  • Tulip-shaped brandy goblet



Region Cognac
Producer Chateau de Montifaud
Toote liik Cognac
Colour Golden yellow
grapes Ugni Blanc , Fine Petit , Champagne
Type Vs
Style Pleasant and floral
Taste Pear, apple, mild, soft, fruity
Aroma Flowery, fruity
Alcohol content 40% vol
Size 0.7l Bottle + tube
Quantity in the package 6 x 0,7L
Product code 3550142027344
Serve with
  • Coffee

  • Cigar

Serve at 16 C - 18 C

36,85 € / Bottle + tube

52,64 €/L