Processing of customer’s personal data and cookies

6.1. Personal data transmitted electronically or in any other way by the Customer shall be processed in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and national legislation. takes care of the processing and storage of customer data as required.

6.2. The Seller has the right to use personal data and purchase data submitted by the customer in accordance with the applicable legislation to the extent necessary to fulfill the order submitted by the customer in the e-store.

6.3. The seller processes the customer’s personal data for the following purposes:

6.3.1. Filling the order submitted in the e-shop; e-store customer relationship management and communication with the customer;

6.3.3.To answer customer inquiries;

6.3.4.Research of consumer habits;

6.3.5.Compilation of sales statistics;

6.3.6.To manage and develop e-store services.

6.4. The Seller implements all measures (incl. Administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the customer’s personal data. Only authorized persons have access to change and process the data.

6.5. The Seller shall not transfer the customer’s personal data to third parties, except for providing the payment service to the extent necessary to pay for the purchase and to the postal or courier services to the extent necessary for delivering the goods to the customer. When purchasing as a guest from the e-store, the customer’s first and last name, e-mail address, telephone and postal address are registered if it is necessary to deliver the goods to the customer.

6.6. The personal and purchase data of customers who have made a purchase as a guest in the e-store will be stored for 2 years as of the purchase. After this deadline, the personal data will be deleted automatically. The personal data of inactive customers in the e-store will be deleted within half a year.

6.7. The customer has the right at any time to receive personal data about himself / herself from the administrator of the e-store, to demand the correction and transfer of the customer’s personal data and to terminate the processing of personal data. Please submit applications electronically to the administrator of the e-store In order to ensure the security of personal data processing, the customer’s application must be digitally signed. The seller has the right to reject the customer’s request if the customer’s identity cannot be established or the transfer of personal data is not secure.

6.8. The Seller does not have access to the customer’s bank data when paying for the goods via the internet Bank. The seller has the right to perform a profile analysis on the personal data registered in the e-store in order to better understand the expectations of customers and, as a result, to offer better goods and services by enabling more direct targeting marketing.

6.9. Liviko AS is the main processor of personal data in the e-shop. Liviko AS has the right to transfer personal data from e-store to cooperation partners authorized processors of data in order to offer customers the best service. Authorized processors have the right to process personal data only in accordance with the instructions received from the seller. And Agreements for keeping personal data confidential have been concluded with authorized processors. The authorized processors of personal data of the e-store are listed here.

Address of AS Liviko: Masina 11 – 10144 Tallinn, Estonia, Phone +372 667 8000 Fax +372 667 8002,

Eesti Post AS address: Pallasti 28, Tallinn, phone: +372 661 6616, e-mail address:

JetExspress OÜ address: Liivalao 14, Tallinn, phone: 646 3222

Itella Estoonia OÜ address: Loomäe tee13, Lehmja küla Rae vald, phone: +372 6990431

ESTO AS Registry code 14180709 Address Laeva st 2, 10111, Tallinn, Estonia E-mail Contact phone +372) 622 52 52

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6.11.What are cookies?

6.11.1. A cookie is a small piece of text in your web browser that is downloaded to your computer when you visit a specific website. Cookies allow a website visitor to recognize your computer. It also helps the website remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and more useful for you. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the web would be a much more disturbing experience.

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6.12.Why do we use cookies and what information we collect?

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6.13.Can the use of cookies be prohibited?

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